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Trophy Base

7100 - 70 x 45mm
plastic bases
7101 - 80 x 50mm
plastic bases
7102 - 90 x 55mm
plastic bases
7103 - 100 x 60mm
plastic bases
7300 - 80 x 50mm
plastic bases
7301 - 90 x 62mm
plastic bases
7302 - 100 x 70mm
plastic bases
7303 - 110 x 75mm
plastic bases
7304 - 130 x 87mm
plastic bases
7305 - 155 x 95mm
plastic bases
7307 - 180 x 105mm
plastic bases
7308 - 205 x 115mm
plastic bases
WB71 - 75 x 42mm
wooden bases
WB72 - 75 x 58mm
wooden bases
WB73 - 75 x 77mm
wooden bases
WB74 - 75 x 108mm
wooden bases

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When you have a one-of-a-kind award to give out, you want a custom trophy base that’s as special as your event. A trophy base that makes the recipient of your award want to keep it forever. With Trophy Land’s selection of custom trophy bases, you’ll have a wide range of bases to choose from—from rich woods with classic mouldings to ultra-modern acrylic.

With our wide selection of bases, you can create a custom trophy that captures the essence of your award. Pair a rich wooden trophy base with a gold-toned figure for a warm, elegant look or a sleek black marble base with a silver one for a strikingly contemporary feel. Choose from cup bases or pedestal bases, depending on the design you want for your award. With a custom trophy base, you can customise your trophy to look just the way you want.

Want a more colourful trophy? Start with one of our brightly coloured trophy bases in marbled or solid acrylic. Choose from pink, yellow, blue, red, grey, green, amber, white, and black. Trimmed with inset circles in gold metallic, these trophy bases will take centre stage in anyone’s trophy case.

For a custom trophy base that will make your award a standout, contact the design team at Trophy Land today.

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