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Perpetual Trophy

Acrylic Custom Perpetuals
Acrylic Custom Perpetuals -
Custom Perpetual
Custom Perpetual -
Custom Perpetual Shield
Custom Perpetual Shield -
Custom POP Perpetual
Custom POP Perpetual -
Employee Perpetual
Employee Perpetual -
Groupon Perpetual
Groupon Perpetual -
CP160 - 160mm
glass awards perpetual
CP255 - 255mm
glass awards perpetual
S5301 - 600mm
trophy perpetual
S5302 - 520mm
trophy perpetual
S5303 - 420mm
trophy perpetual
S5401 - 440mm
trophy perpetual
S5402 - 410mm
trophy perpetual
S5403 - 355mm
trophy perpetual
S5404 - 555mm
trophy perpetual
S5405 - 435mm
trophy perpetual

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Custom perpetual plaques make it easy to keep morale up in the workplace and encourage optimal production among employees. Imagine featuring an “employee of the month” plaque near the entrance where everyone can see it when they arrive to and leave from work. They’ll all want to see their name adorned on the plaque and strive to be in with a chance of winning the monthly award. A perpetual trophy can be used as a revolving award in which business or sports team members take turns holding on to it when they win the monthly or bi-yearly award.

With a perpetual plaque in hand, you don’t have to worry about buying a new base every time you want to recognize a team member. Simply order a small plate with the relevant information inscribed on it, and attach it to the trophy or plaque that is already in circulation. At Trophy Land, you can find perpetual plaques in a wide range of designs and sizes. Choose between everything from wall hangings and wooden desktop plaques to traditional trophy designs.

Contact us to learn more about how perpetual plaques work and whether the option is right for you and your team, whether for business or pleasure.

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