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Service and Recognition Awards

AC140L - 250mm
acrylics awards
AC140M - 200mm
acrylics awards
AC140S - 180mm
acrylics awards
AC163L - 270mm
acrylics awards
AC163M - 220mm
acrylics awards
AC163S - 180mm
acrylics awards
BC03A - 180mm
crystals awards
BC03B - 210mm
crystals awards
BC03C - 240mm
crystals awards
BC04A - 180mm
crystals awards
BC04B - 210mm
crystals awards
BC04C - 240mm
crystals awards
CC101L - 110x200mm
crystals awards
CC101M - 100x170mm
crystals awards
CC101S - 85x120mm
crystals awards
CC337L - 300mm
crystals awards

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Employee/Service Awards

There are plenty of ways to build a supportive company culture! One of the most effective methods for doing this is to show appreciation for your employees through the use of employee recognition awards. What exactly do you stand to gain by presenting employee awards, recognition awards and service awards?

Catering To Basic Employee Needs

When you take this appreciation route and start looking at things through the eyes of a psychologist, it becomes clear that you’re catering to a basic human need. Your workers dedicate at least an 8 hour minimum of their daily lives towards helping you accomplish your business goals and as such, falling into the mindset that their salary on its own compensates them for their time, expertise and efforts is a big no-no.

All employees need and deserve some kind of additional appreciation to show them that they’re valued. If you provide employee awards in a public manner, you will send a strong message that you and your company value hard work and contributions.

Timed Employee Recognition

Employee recognition has to be an ongoing effort, but you should not let it slip beyond your control and become a mere routine presentation of awards that strips it of all meaning and sentiment.

Track employee performance on an everyday basis and reward them when they deserve the recognition. Do this and you will show your workforce that you know how to value hard work and dedicated workers. As a bonus, you will boost general employee engagement and take organisational performance to the next level.

Convert and Retain Top Talent in the Field

It’s not hard to deliver mediocre results in the workplace. What’s hard is to mobilise the body/mind and push yourself to deliver outstanding results. Retaining top talent and converting good casual employees into permanent ones should be a top priority.

The best way to do this is to exhibit a healthy employee recognition strategy. Awarding senior employees with service awards and establishing a just, employee-praise system will help you convert this top talent. Once you have the cream of the crop on your team, achieving business goals becomes significantly more achievable.

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