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Custom Framing Sydney

500-Custom Framing Image
500-Custom Framing Image

You already know that we at Trophy Land are dedicated and experienced graphic engraving professionals, who can provide you promptly with all kinds of awards, trophies, plaques and more, but do you know that we also provide a framing service, as the City branch of Dial A Picture Frame, a picture framing business that has been established in the Sutherland Shire for over 2 decades?

Dial A Picture Frame is well known all across Sydney for Memorabilia framing, such as football jumpers, footballs, cricketbats, Olympic torches, trophies, musical instruments, and much more. In fact, anything you can think of, we can frame for you.

All work taken at our Trophyland city store is safely delivered to our Caringbah workshop, where it is completed onsite, and returned to our City store for you to collect! We use only high quality materials, sourced from reputable suppliers, such as conservation quality Peterboro Conservation matboard and acid-free foamcore backings, which ensures your artwork is protected from deterioration. You have probably seen the brown marks in old prints and photos, called 'foxing' which is caused by acid present in lower quality matboards and backing materials, and sprayed glues. We don't use any of these.

All our mounting is done in a heated vacuum press, using KoolTack or Ademco Heat Films on Foamcore.

We believe that Professional Workmanship plus Quality Materials equals a Great Result; or to put it simply: Value for Money. You can always find someone who can do a job cheaper, but will the finished product be the same? The materials we use are recognised to be of high standard, world-wide, and will not fade or yellow with age. In ten years time the job will look the same as the day you collected it from us.

The quality of our workmanship is supported by our well-equipped workshop. State of the art machinery, such as our Alfa double-bladed Mitre Saw, the computerised "AlfaMacchine" V-Nailer, computerised "Wizard" Matcutter and "Hotpress" heated Vacuum Press all contribute to the final quality of your framing work.

We also carry a great range of frames, to suit all tastes and decors!

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