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Custom Medals

Die Cast Medals

Die Cast medals, medallions and coins are plated in gold, silver or bronze colour and can be in a bright, clean, finish, or have an antiqued look. We recommend a background texture for the bright finishes, as the reflection can make the text and design difficult to see.

Diecast Medal Sample 1
Diecast Medal Sample 2
Diecast Medal Sample 3
Diecast Medal Sample 4

Enamel Paint Filling

If you need colour in your medallions, we offer spot colour paint-filling using a durable, hard-wearing enamel paint. We can also add a clear epoxy coating to give a high-sheen effect to the colours.

Enamel Medal Sample 1
Enamel Medal Sample 2
Enamel Medal Sample 3
Enamel Medal Sample 4

Printed Medal Inserts

If you need to include a full colour photograph or complicated image, printed inserts are a great way to get a brilliant result. It could be a photograph of a special person, a location or a building, or a complex logo with gradients or many colours. The proces involved printing onto metal which is recessed into the medal and coated with a clear epoxy for protection.

Photo Medal Sample 1
Photo Medal Sample 2
Photo Medal Sample 3