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Modular Signage & Directory Boards

Personnel signage provides a clear visual directory of personnel on a room-by-room, area or level basis.

This type of sign typically describes the occupier's name and/or title.

A room number, department name, or company logo, in/out slider plates, and gravity Paper Hangers are just some of the options that are available with the S2K Identity Systems AM Series through Trophy Land.

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Departmental signs provide important geographical indicators within a building or space, announcing the title or purpose of an area or environment - often at a number of points of entry and exit.

The S2K products from Trophy Land are perfect for departmental signage.

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Whether up, down, left, right, or in the next building, the AM Series of directional signage provides these crucial indications of direction when in search of an area, department, or personnel.

Available through Trophy Land, these signs have directional arrows to assist with visual indication.

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Directory signage is useful in providing primary information describing area layout.

'Information Boards' that indicate the total concept of a particular building environment, indicaing areas, departments and personnel within that space.

The S2K AM Series available from Trophy Land, designed with custom borders and mounting structures, enhances the form and function of the system.

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Whether wall mounted or free standing, S2K Directory signage is the perfect solution for assisting clients and visitors with locating their destination easily and quickly.

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Identification signage is typically used to either make a statement (for example, announcing safety requirements within an area) or to identify fixed area usage.

More static in nature than other sign types, this type of signage is most commonly used for essential services and emergency or facility applications.

S2K Identity Systems AM Series, available through Trophy Land, is also suitable for use in these permanent signage applications, ensuring complete style continuity within any sign project.

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The AM Series is available in a range of colours and finishes. The standard finish is Satin Natural Anodised Aluminium. Other finishes are available, as shown below.

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The S2K AM Series also includes a range of holder clips, perfect for the display of temporary information.

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